Rivers Auto Sales and Lease Ltd. has been in business serving corporate and individual clients for the past 10 years providing the best possible lease rates and the lowest acquisition costs. 

We understand the advantage of conserving cash for operational items such as payroll and materials. Leasing payments are usually 100% deductible as they are incurred and have the advantage of deferring sales taxes that would normally be 100% payable at the time of purchase.

Let us work with you to help you select the right vehicle and accessories for your business. We can add specialized items like headache racks, fire extinguishers, light packages etc to the capital cost of the vehicle.

Any manufacturers incentives or discounts that your business qualifies for will be worked into the vehicle price to ensure you have the lowest initial cost possible.

We only offer open end leases because they have the advantage of enabling you to set the end of lease residual at the right value for the asset. With an open end lease there are no mileage or condition issues. If the vehicle will be driven by a supervisor with limited mileage the residual can be higher than if it is to be a crew truck with off road, high mileage use.

If you would like to save time and money call us at 1-888-434-6864 or email at riversdk@telus.net. One of our professional account representatives will work with you to get any make or model of vehicle(s) you need for your fleet.

To speed up our service it would be appreciated if you would complete the credit application here (click) and email to riversdk@telus.net.